Brand new day

Every morning I wake up into a brand new day
possibilities unfolds that guides me on my way
was there something that I planned
or was there something wrong
should I follow what´s at hand
or should I just go on?

Everyday we make choices that affect the rest of our lives
could there be just a tiny chance that fate goes away and dies?

Money makes the world go around and we are all the slaves
we got a technical universe with laser beams and microwaves
it´s our life and it´s our time the choice is in our hands
it´s up to us what we decide or maybe God has other plans?

Time will come and time will go but man will stay the same
will we open our eyes and see that life is not a game?
but if we would throw ourselves into some kind of dreams

then maybe reality would explode into smithereens

Out of time

In the beginning out of time we wandered off in our
separate ways we didn´t know about time and space
the staircase of humanity we climbed with all the wars and
guns we primed and the world was no more a peaceful place

We made a society more complex every day so we had to
find the time for us so we didn´t lose our way

And you can say we´re in our prime with the world covered
in grime we should be out of time

We learned to live more hectic lives with more to do
than we ever had with many things that could go bad
today we try to keep a steady pace just like some new born
human race where we all will follow the latest fad

And we try to beat the clock and keep the stress away
and we always need the world to rock so we can find
the light of day

The power of the night

There was a time not long ago when my shadow
was my best friend I was feeling low
but life has changed in many different ways

I came to meet a friend of mine he said everything
will happen in it´s own right time and I believed his
words were true I still do yes I do
(but I never knew about)

The power of the night has risen up
and it´s ready for commotion
somewhere outside it gathers energy
doesn´t seem that it will ever let me be

During the days I have control there is
nothing that distracts me or disturbs my soul
I walk the walk of life that´s meant for me
but I can feel uncertainty like there´s
something unexplainable that bothers me
then I forget the feeling and it´s gone all gone
(I should know I can´t escape)

I can walk around for hours but not move around
I feel I need to scream but there´s no sound
will the power of the night show it´s face for me?
doesn´t matter it is way too dark to see