Timetravel - Singer songwriter

My inspiration is all music I have enjoyed in my life. For me the founding is often pop/rock and I will add influences from different styles such as classical, progressive or experimental music.

I am probably born with my passion for music since I have no memory of a life without it. As a small kid I remember my mom turning on the radio and I sat by the piano trying to copy the notes that I heard.

There is something about music that speaks directly to my heart. Also there is where my own music is born. It is only after the music is created I can start to add lyrics. My lyrics are mostly about life, emotions, fantasies, experiences and thoughts about the world.

When producing music, I love how the music and lyrics matures and develops over time during the creative process. As music means the world to me I also want to bring meaning to all who listens to me. I wish to spread joy and happiness to all of you.